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1. I am experiencing things daily that are leading me toward success. 2. I am always creating which help me to grow the opportunities presented to me daily. 3. I am full of enthusiasm and energy that helps me reach my goals and achieve success. 4. I am showing others how to believe in me and my success through my belief in myself. 5. I am living my best life through my authentic self. 6. I am clear about life and my purpose, and I know what I need to do to reach my goals and achieve success.

7. I am embracing everything that comes to me from the Universe.

8. I am continually moving toward achieving my goals through my continued intentional actions.

9. I am developing new, positive habits that serve my goals.

10. I am open to infinite opportunities for success that are presented to me by the Universe.

11. I am building my life on a foundation I laid, and I am filling it with the content I choose.

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