The Vial of Life is a service that will promote health wellness to individuals through caring personal coaching services, educational health lectures and workshops to ensure understanding and adaptation of information that promote the best practices to improve your quality of life with and/or without chronic illnesses.  Vial of life also offers a care planning booklet that helps you prepare for those unexpected events, (death or severe illness) when you are unable to make important health and financial decisions.



To influence, inspirer, educate and promote a healthy lifestyle within supportive community to have a better quality of life.



To see more individuals choose to change their lifestyle and maintain a healthier wellbeing.

Meet Vial of Life Founder

Mrs. Marcia Philpotts APN-BC

Health & Welness Coach


Marcia offers health and wellness coaching to support you in achieving a healthier lifestyle.  I received  my Post Graduate Certificate, Masters of Science, Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Ursuline College and two certifications from the American Nursing Credential Center as a Geriatric Primary Care and Adult Clinical Nurse Specialist.

My values are grounded in caring, compassion, integrity, humility, and a giving spirit to help others is the core of who I am with my family and job . Throughout my nursing career my focus is always to improve the health of every individual I met, but I realized that the time spent guiding them on the best way to do that was not enough. Vial of Life is my way of giving more to my community by partnering with them to help improve their health.

Vial of Life’s is here to help individuals achieve their desired optimal health with supportive guidance on how to obtain a healthier lifestyle.